Berkshire Pork - 1/2 Share

Our Berkshire hogs have lived their whole life free-ranging at the ranch, rooting around in the dirt like pigs are meant to do.  We are excited to offer this high quality, hormone and antibiotic-free pork to your family! 

Our 1/2 pork shares include: 

(2) Boston Butt Roasts (approx. 7lbs total)

(16) packs of Cottage Pork Bacon (approx. 8lbs total)

(10) packs Pork Bacon (approx. 10lbs total)

(1) Spare Ribs (approx. 2.5lbs)

(1) Sirloin Tip Roast (approx. 2lbs)

(1) package Bacon Bits (approx. 1lb)

(1) boneless Ham (approx. 4lbs)

(1) Pork Sirloin Roast (approx. 6lbs)

(18) Pork Chops, Bone-In (1 inch thick, approx. 13lbs total)

(12) packages Pork Breakfast Sausage (12lbs total) 

(12) 1lb packages of Wisconsin Pork Bratwurst (55 links total)

Total approximate weight: 78lbs  

**Fall 2021 Shares are SOLD OUT**