Tomahawk Ribeye

Satisfy your inner caveman with our largest and most impressive steak, the one and only Tomahawk! A large, center-cut, bone-in Ribeye and Ribcap with a long, caveman style bone. Perfect to share for a special occasion!

*Please note the length of the long bone can vary due to the size of the animal


Customer Reviews

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These are so good and versatile

We have purchased these since the pandemic and they are our monthly treat. We love that we can have them as a steak and a cheat "Sunday roast". We sear on grill and then finish in oven and we will sometime slice like a "roast". Saves time when we want that traditional roast beef type dinner.

Stacy Williams

I buy your hamburger all the time now and have become popular in the neighborhood and with my golf buddies for making smash burgers. The 90% beef is so red and fresh compared to grocery stores. I have also purchased about $500 of your other cuts this past month so anxious to try.

Wyatt Soeffing
Best Grilling Experience EVER!

I ordered two large sized Tomohawks and grilled them on the Weber with charcoal. Indirect each side for 10 minutes then finished with a direct sear until blackened. Best thing to ever come off the grill.