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About Us

Bootheel 7 Ranch is located in the high plains of Lusk, Wyoming, where our cattle graze on thousands of acres. With half of our family living at the ranch, and half in Parker, Colorado, we personally manage every step of the process from birth, to butcher, to delivery to you!


Our ranch was established as a homestead in 1916 and just recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Our herd genetics have been fine tuned for just as long and are the reason we consistently provide the most tender and flavorful beef possible. 

Over the years, the ranch has endured floods, droughts, blizzards, and everything else nature could throw at it. Persistence, perseverance, and a commitment to the highest quality practices have remained our focus.

The rest of the time, you’ll find us having some fun out here…

5th generation Henry B riding horses before he could even walk

Warming up and bottle feeding some new baby calves!

Moon, our ranch pup, ready to move some heifers.