About Us

Bootheel 7 Ranch is located in the high plains of Lusk, Wyoming where our cattle graze on thousands of acres. The ranch stretches as far as the eye can see, and if you’ve ever come to visit, you know it’s a stunning sight. 

Our ranch was established as a homestead in 1916 and just recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary. Our herd genetics have been fine-tuned for just as long and are the reason we consistently provide the most tender and flavorful beef possible.Over the years, the ranch has endured floods, droughts, blizzards, and everything else nature could throw at it. Persistence, perseverance, and a commitment to the highest quality practices have remained our focus. 

Anne, Andrew, and their children Henry, Grace, and Francis are the ‘country’ half of the family and live at the ranch. Andrew is a 4th generation rancher and cow boss extraordinaire. You’ll find him doing the multitude of chores a rancher does everyday; delivering calves, doctoring horses, fixing water lines, and overseeing the incredible grasslands our cattle graze upon. When she’s not busy wrangling children or helping with ranch chores, Anne is also the county attorney! She stays busy locking up ‘bad cowboys’ as our kiddos like to say, and handling the legalities of our business.   

Wasserberger Family

 Anne, Francis, Henry, Grace and Andrew

The ‘city’ half of our family lives just outside Denver - 200 miles from the ranch and a long truck ride with three kids under 10!  Kelly, Jake, Claire, Luke, and Lucy live in Parker, Colorado, where the whole family pitches in on the business side of operations. With a background in hospitality, Jake works closely with our butcher, chefs, and restaurant partners, and analyzes way too many Quickbook reports. Kelly helps with all things sales, marketing, and social media. She's a published cancer researcher with over 12 years experience in the medical oncology field, and works hard to educate people about why knowing where your food comes from - especially your meat - is important. They look forward to their frequent trips out of the city to help with ‘fun’ ranch work, like calving, branding, and ranch rodeos.   

Kugler Family

Luke, Kelly, Claire, Jake and Lucy

Together as a family, our unique set-up allows us to truly oversee every step of the process so you can feel confident about knowing where your food comes from. It also allows us to deliver our beef all across the Front Range - from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs - while still remaining a small, family-owned, local business. 

We invite you to join our Bootheel 7 Ranch family! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook for the updates on what our crew, cows, and kiddos are up to.

And of course, Moon and Scout (not pictured)