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How will it taste?

Delicious! We ultrasound our herd prior to butchering to ensure you only receive high-choice or prime grade meat. You won’t be disappointed! We have over 100 years experience raising nothing but beef – it’s all we do!

What about hormones and antibiotics? 

All of our animals are hormone and steroid-free. 

We do not routinely feed or administer antibiotics to our animals. However their well-being comes first, and on the rare occasion one becomes sick (usually a calf), we will administer a dose. Anything more serious, and the animal is removed from our program. Additionally, if they require medication for any reason in the last three months prior to butchering, they are also removed from our herd. 

Do you use chemical pesticides? 


Do you grass or grain-finish?

The answer to this is truly what sets us apart from other ranches!

Our cattle spend their whole lives on pasture grazing our thousands of acres. Just before heading to the butcher (the last month or so), we offer them a free-choice, homegrown blend of hay, alfalfa, corn, beets, and spent grains from local Colorado breweries. We guarantee this will some of the healthiest (and tastiest) beef you’ve ever had!

How will my beef be processed?

For 1/4th and 1/2 share orders, you may chose to customize your order with our butcher at no additional charge. This includes preferred cuts (NY strip and tenderloin vs. whole tbones, for example), thickness of steaks, bone-in/bone-out options, quantity of ground beef, etc.

Don’t worry, we help walk you through the process and select the best options for your family! 

What about the odds n’ ends?

If you have specials requests for bones, oxtails, livers, hearts, etc. (otherwise known as the odds n’ ends!), we are happy to accommodate your request. Just drop us an email and we’ll see how we can help!

How will I get my beef?

Depending on your location, you have two options. You may come to one of our 12 monthly pick-up points located along the Front Range, or you may pick-up at our home office in Parker. If you require special accommodations, home delivery may be arranged as well.