Whole Brisket

A classic for the smoker! Our competition-grade whole beef brisket is big, thick, well-marbled, and includes both the flat-cut and the point. Also great for the slow cooker or a Texas style BBQ experience.


Customer Reviews

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Patti H
Cut like buttah !

This was my best brisket ever, it was so tender and delicious!

"Becks" Beckfield
Best Brisket Ever!

I've been buying my brisket from Sams Club for years, but then my sister gave me some of B7R ground beef and steaks and i became hooked on their Amazing grass fed and aged beef. I figured their brisket would be just as good, but i was wrong, it was Better! Awesome amount of beef with the perfect amount of marbling and fat cap. Smoked it on my Traeger for about 8 hours and it was the best brisket i've ever smoked, and the family / neighbors agreed. Thanks B7R, just about to smoke my 2nd one for Father's Day!

Always delicious

This is the best beef I have ever tasted. We drive from California to Colorado to visit our daughter. We have the meat delivered to her just so we can drive it home. Absolutely worth the two day drive!

Patrick Chavoustie

Just under 12 pounds we hit with salt and pepper only, put it on the pellet grill at 200 for 6 hours , wrapped it in butcher paper then back on 225 for another 5 hours. One our in the cooler. Great quality brisket. Cant wait for the next one.

Maria M
Best brisket ever

This is my new favorite birthday food. It is so flavorful and delicious.