Uncured Pork Bacon

Succulent, uncured bacon from 307 Meat Company has hit the B7R shelves! Be the first to try this premium, locally-produced bacon sourced from twenty family-owned farms. Juicy and skillet-ready, this uncured bacon will level-up any meal.

This bacon is the perfect addition to your breakfast spread, sandwiches – and more!

*Locally-produced, nitrate-free
*All natural, antibiotic-free, no hormones

*The main difference between cured and uncured meat generally has to do with the aging process and methods used to preserve the product. Cured bacon, for example, may include sea salt and nitrites to seal the product’s flavor and color, while UNCURED bacon (like this product here), cures with naturally-occurring nitrites like celery juice powder.

Although a new addition to the B7R shop, this product is the result of our longstanding partnership with 307 Meat Company. 307 is a full-service craft butcher shop and retail store in Laramie, WY – just about the halfway point between Denver and the pastures of Bootheel 7 Ranch in Lusk, WY. We’re proud to carry 307 pork products and see our 307 partners expand their reach to B7R customers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Glenn K.

This bacon shrinks a lot when cooked, some shrinkage is normal but this seems a bit higher than expected.

S. Connis
Best Bacon Ever

This is the best bacon I've ever bought! Great value for the cost. Worth every penny.