1/2 Cow Share

Our 1/2 cow share is in fact, a whole side of a beef! Pricing includes all processing, packaging, and delivery. 

Our 1/2 share includes: 

(100) 1lb packages of our 90/10 ground beef

(12) Bone-In Ribeyes

(12) T-Bone/Porterhouse 

(1) Whole Tenderloin Roast

(1) Brisket

(4) Top Sirloin Steaks

(1) Tri-Tip

(1) Skirt Steak or Sirloin Bavette/Flap

(4) packages of Short Ribs (2 per pack)

(1) Flank Steak

(8) assorted roasts (Chuck, Bottom Round, etc) 

(4) Top Round Steaks

(4) Shanks

(4) packages Eye of Round Steaks (2 per pack)

(4) packages Stew Meat

(3) packages of Marrow and/or Knuckle Bones

All 21-day dry aged. Cuts are individually vacuum-sealed, labeled, and ready for your freezer.  

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