1/2 Cow Share

Our 1/2 cow share is in fact, a whole side of a beef! Pricing includes all processing, packaging, and delivery.

Our 1/2 share includes:

(100) 1lb packages of our 90/10 ground beef

(12) Bone-In Ribeyes

(12) T-Bone/Porterhouse

(1) Whole Tenderloin Roast

(1) Brisket

(4) Top Sirloin Steaks

(1) Tri-Tip

(1) Skirt Steak or Sirloin Bavette/Flap

(4) packages of Short Ribs

(1) Flank Steak

(8) assorted roasts (Chuck, Bottom Round, etc)

(4) Top Round Steaks

(4) Shanks

(4) packages of Petite Tender and/or Filet Tips and Tails

(4) packages Stew Meat

(3) packages of Marrow and/or Knuckle Bones

All 21-day dry aged. Cuts are individually vacuum-sealed, labeled, and ready for your freezer.