B7R Canine - Original Blend

Suggested as a supplement for all dogs, B7R Canine ORIGINAL Blend is a proprietary, healthy blend of lean beef and organ meats that includes:

  • Lean Beef (12% fat content)
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Tongue
  • Cheek Meat
  • Sweetbreads (thymus/pancreas)

Arrives frozen in individually wrapped 1lb packages. The meat used to produce this blend is human grade, USDA inspected, and produced fresh like our other B7R products.

*Please note that until we receive our new label approval, packaging will read 'Ground Beef Organs'


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kristy Lawson
Holy Yums

My dogs went wild for this stuff! These boys are spoiled on a daily with home-cooked food, but this was over the top for them; I have two giant boys and honestly can't afford to do this daily, but I will re-order to maybe incorporate weekly. They lost their minds....no joke, the best thing I've ever fed them

Dawn Nelson

We already feed a raw diet to our girl. But having the availability of organ meat is awesome! Alice loves it!
That being said we love everything from bootheel7!

Rachael Murray

We have been making our GPs food for quite some time. Previous to discovering BH7s canine blend we were blending and grinding our own mix of what we could find available. BH7 canine blend is not only a timesaver, but the quality is top notch! We're glad to have discovered you all! And our newest pup Wyatt agrees 🐾

Erika D.
Nutritious treat for our pups - they love it!

We've got dogs with food sensitivities and it can be a challenge finding special 'treats' they can have every once in a while. B7R canine blends are our go-to and the dogs love it!