Fun with Dry Ice

April 06, 2020

Dry ice

Bootheel 7 Ranch ships orders with dry ice to ensure our beef arrives frozen right to your front door! Did you know dry ice is actually CO2 in solid form at -109 degrees F? Brrr! It will sublimate (change from a solid directly into a gas) in 12-24 hours, so it is perfectly normal for your dry ice bag to be empty when it arrives. If there is any left, we have some fun ideas for you. But first, a few safety tips...

* Never touch dry ice with bare hands. It can burn your skin just like heat can.
* Never put dry ice in the freezer. It can lower the temp and can break the condenser.  
* Always handle dry ice with thick gloves or tongs.

Dry Ice Fog

One of the coolest things to do with dry ice is simply toss a piece into a container of hot water. This causes the dry ice to sublimate quickly, producing dry ice fog. It's a fun party trick...and even more impressive if you have a lot of dry ice and a lot of water (we've seen this done with a hot tub before!)


Frozen Soap Bubbles

Place a soap bubble over a piece of dry ice. The bubble will freeze and appear to float in the air. You can even pick it up and examine it! 


Halloween Fun

Make your jack-o-lanterns or holiday decor extra spooky this year! 


Carbonated Dry Ice Ice Cream

You can use dry ice to make instant ice cream. Because carbon dioxide gas is released, the resulting ice cream is bubbly and carbonated, sort of like an ice cream float.