Bone Broth Fuels Ultra Marathoner

September 09, 2021

Bone Broth Fuels Ultra Marathoner

“ …just wanted to give you a shout out! I just ran a 107.3 mile ultramarathon up in the Badlands, ND. One of my secrets at aid stations along the way was sipping your bone broth to replenish electrolytes- worked like a charm!” -Danny M. Broomfield, CO


We’ve talked before about the benefits of drinking bone broth, but were super excited to see it in action with one of our B7R customers this summer!  Danny Manimbo of Broomfield, CO completed a 107.3 mile ultramarathon in the Badlands, North Dakota on July 31, 2021. He reached out to let us know that one of his tricks during the race was sipping on Bootheel 7 Ranch Bone Broth to replenish lost electrolytes quickly.

Danny began training for the race in March where he did a lot of trail running in Boulder, eventually working his way up to 100-mile weeks. He says that Bootheel 7 Ranch Ribeyes are his go-to for a strong source of protein.

We’ve been believers of the benefits of bone broth even before we started producing it from the ranch. Some of the health benefits, as reported byShape online, include glucosamine and collagen to protect and strengthen your joints, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium for strengthening bones, and amino acids which are important for muscle recovery and energy.


Danny has proven bone broth can be an amazing resource for strenuous exercise, but the daily health benefits for those of us not running 100 miles per week can be impressive as well. Our kiddos are huge fans, and we firmly believe that a mug a day has helped keep our family cold and virus free the past couple years. We like to simply heat it up on the stove like a savory cup of tea,  but also found this  recipe with turmeric just in time for fall! And for those who would prefer to eat it than drink it, here’s a recipe incorporating bone broth into chili or gravy to add a nutrient boost to your cool weather favorites.

We’re so proud to be a small part of the big things that Danny has accomplished. Not only did he complete the ultramarathon, but he did it for an amazing charity he believes in, which you can learn more about here. The moments where our family can connect with others by sharing our food and what we believe in is what we live for. Congrats to Danny and thanks for sharing your story with us....we can’t wait to support you on your next run!

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