Denver Steak

The Denver Steak has the qualities of both a Ribeye and a NY Strip Steak in one! Well marbled, this delicious cut carries all the depth of flavor associated with the chuck while remaining super tender. Grill or pan sear to medium-rare and slice against the grain for a show-stopping meal.

2 steaks per package, approx. 1.5lb per package

*Please note the label on the packaging may read 'Short Ribs (Denver Style).'

Customer Reviews

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Cory Louthan


Joy L
Denver steak

We found steak to have much more fat than we anticipated. I grilled them on the stove to medium rare. Some pieces were really good, but a lot we threw out.

Cindy Fischer
We love the Denver Steak!

Every Sunday we have my Dad over for dinner. He's an old cowboy who loves good beef! We marinate it as it thaws in a half cup of teriyaki or orange sauce, then my husband grills it at 475 degrees with the grill closed; 10 minutes on one side, then 12 minutes on the other side, and slices it cross grain. One package of Denver Steak easily feeds all three of us, and it tender and delicious.

Bob Cannon

Flavorful, but tough. Will not but again.

Melissa Staie
Tasty, locally grown beef!!

We ordered from Bootheel 7 for the first time as newcomers to the COS area. It is important to my family to support local farmers all while finding wonderfully tasty meats. Thank you!!!

Thank you for supporting local, Melissa! We hope you're enjoying your new neighborhood in the Springs!