1 lb Ground Beef Package

Our ground beef is a perfect blend that balancesdistinguished taste and texture. Made from 21-day dry-aged beef cuts including arm roast, mock tender, short rib, round steak, and sirloin, it's theflavorful, lean protein you can feel good about feeding your family. 1lb packages arrive flash-frozen and individually vacuum-sealed to maintain the highest quality standards.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Cohrs
1 lb. ground beef packages

We absolutely love your ground beef. We use it for Tacos. Chili, Hamburgers, Meatloaf, etc. Everything turns out tasty and the 90% lean leaves very little grease.

Cindy Fischer
1 lb pkgs ground beef

We buy the 1 lb packages of ground beef for hamburgers on the grill. It's got the absolute best flavor of any beef we've ever eaten!

Stacy Williams
Best hamburger !

Was buying the 5lb pkgs to cook smash burgers for gatherings, but changed to 1lb pkgs. Really not a big difference in juiciest from 80/20 to 90/10. Beef is so red in color, you know its fresh! Also love the delivery communication system. Very well done. Thanks to my buddy John Hanssler who has turned on many of his friends to Bootheel 7!

Bridget McCarthy
Best beef in Colorado!

Best beef in Colorado

Heidi Penney
Ground Beef

The best! Our family is hooked!