Filet Steak

For a truly unbeatable steak experience, filet is definitely your go to! It is the most expensive and sought-after cut of beef, simply because there isn't much of it to go around. It's small and unbelievably tender, making your B7R filet experience truly one to remember!

Individually cut and vacuum-sealed, 21-day dry age.


Customer Reviews

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Kathy Heinz

Best filets ever. I sous vide them for three hours then season them a grill for a minute. Delicious!

Happy Customer
Melt In Your Mouth Incredible

Served these fillets to three of us at dinner. We all share a moment of silence after first bite. All at the table agreed that these were some of the best fillets ever tasted by them. Incredible flavor and tenderness!

Mary Pat Bilyk
A wonderful gift

My cattle rancher husband’s comment, “ What a special steak! Delicious!!”

You don’t realize what flavor is until you try Bootheel7

Meat on a plate! When it’s this good, the only other thing you need is a fork.

Leslie J.
Leave the mass produced meat in the dust!

We tried the Bootheel 7 Ranch's filets at a friend's house. When we got home, I immediately placed an order. I would much rather support a family and know where our beef comes from, than pad the pockets of execs at a huge chain serving mystery meat. Since moving to Colorado from a small town in Nebraska almost 20 years ago, we have finally found a great beef supplier. Thank you, Bootheel 7!