Flank Steak

A 21-day dry aged flank steak is hard to beat! The flank is a thin cut, packed full of flavor, and ideal for quick dinners. We love ours marinated overnight, thrown on the grill, and sliced thin against the grain for a delicious steak salad!

Approx 1.5lbs

Customer Reviews

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Duane Clark
Flank Steak is Great

Really good flavor and very tender.

Always delicious

This is the best beef I have ever tasted. We drive from California to Colorado to visit our daughter. We have the meat delivered to her just so we can drive it home. Absolutely worth the two day drive!


What a hidden gem these flank steaks were. I will order these again.
The ground beef is the only beef I purchase, my dogs get to share the package of the large femur bones & you can’t go wrong with the ribeye from here - what a treat.
I live way down near Monument yet delivery is always prompt & friendly !

Jennifer Jacobus
Steakhouses look out-with beef like this, we will dine at home!

These flank steak cuts are REMARKABLE. The perfect amount of marbling for the juiciest and tender bites. Not like the grocery store cuts that you have to cut off half the weight you just paid for.

Miranda Head
Best Flank Steak You Can Buy

Our family has ordered Bootheel twice, and without a doubt their flank steak is the best quality flank steak you can find. Outside of the convenience of it being delivered to your door, the cut of meat is incredible. Our two boys (5 and 2) eat every bite, and my husband and I easily finish the rest--in one night!