Flat Iron Steak

This cut is a hidden gem. Considered the second most tender cut of the cow (only after filet/tenderloin), the flat iron is well marbled and has a robust, meaty flavor like a NY Strip. Popular for grilling and certainly a crowd pleaser!

Approx. 8oz portion size

Customer Reviews

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Mike Langdon
THE best steak

Can’t say enough about this cut of meat. Cooked medium rare it literally melts in your mouth. It truly is an amazing steak that offers a variety of cooking methods that will tantalize your palate. We absolutely love this meat!!

Delicious Steak

We've been buying our beef from Bootheel 7 Ranch for almost 2 years now, and love always having such high quality meat in our freezer. All of it is exceptional, but the flat iron steaks may be my favorite. Tender, juicy, flavorful and at such a great price point so I tend to order a lot of them.

Very flavorful steak!

I love these flatiron steaks! They are tender and flavorful and great for slicing and either adding to a salad or just eating alone.

Tasty cut

I debated whether or not to write this review, should I let the secret out about this tasty yet economical steak?? The flatiron is a tender and succulent steak, just cook it hot and fast on the grill (or pan) because it's thin and can get overcooked easily. Each steak is a generous portion too. Enjoy!